A Greyhawk D&D-based MUD | Host: admud.com Port: 1999

Guide To Playing Arrant Destiny

This how-to is written for absolute beginners. If you are not new to MUDs, the host and port number should be all you need to start playing. See you in the game!

First, What is Arrant Destiny?

Arrant Destiny (“AD”), is a MUD, or “Multi-User Dungeon” based on the world of Greyhawk Dungeons & Dragons.

More on what a MUD is:

A MUD is a console/text-based game that was popular during the 1990s. Internet speeds didn’t yet support graphical online games to a great degree. Many people fell in love with text-based games and kept with them, even as graphical MMORPGS became popular (though most MUDs lost a great deal of their player base). Still, hundreds of MUDs survive to this day.

Essentially, it’s a game with no graphics – just “words”. But unlike Roleplaying AOL chatrooms back in the day, MUDs have programmable functions/commands/NPCs/objects. The world is interactive. You don’t just say, “I cast stasis on the kobold”, you actually type a command that casts a spell!

Getting Started

First, you need a ‘client’ to play the game on. We recommend downloading MUSHclient.

  1. Once in MUSHclient,
    1. FILE > New World
    2. World Name: Arrant Destiny (or whatever you want)
    3. TCP/IP Address: admud.com
    4. Port Number: 1999
    5. Hit OK and it will connect.
  2. You’ll know you are connected when you have this prompt:
    1. Does your client support ANSI color?
      1. Just hit enter.

Character Creation

  1. By what name will you seek your destiny?
    1. Create your character’s name and password.
  2. What race?
    1. Choose a race by typing the first three letters of the race.
    2. After selecting Gender, choose Class.
  3. What class?
    1. To start, go with Warrior. Casters are a bit complex for beginners.
  4. Hit enter a few times and you’ll enter the game.
    1. You will automatically equip all your starter gear.
    2. Type ‘eq’ (no apostrophes) to see your basic starter equipment.
    3. Next command, just ‘look’. ‘L’ is all you need to type (lowercase is fine).
  5. Tutorial Area
    1. There is a tutorial area. From the room you start in, simply say 'tutorial' by entering 'say tutorial'.
    2. You'll be whisked away to an area dedicated to helping new players learn the ropes.
    3. Simply type 'help' for help, or 'help helpidx' for a list of commands and topics.
  6. Here are a few basic commands (almost all can be abbreviated):
    1. N E S W Up Down - Directions you can travel if there is an exit in that direction.
    2. Look - Sees the room you are in, but you can also look at players and mobs/NPCs.
    3. Who - shows players online. Don't be alarmed if there aren't any -- they will be around soon!
    4. Scan - Looks to exits to see mobs nearby.
    5. Inventory - Shows what you are carrying.
    6. Eq - or equipment, shows what you are wearing.
    7. Wear/Remove - Find new equipment? Wear it.
    8. Eat/Drink - You will get hungry and thirsty. Check you inventory for something to eat and drink. Eventually, you'll have to refill your water container, and purchase or find more food.
    9. Con - Consider killing...gauges difficulty of the mob you might wish to fight. Type con + the mob name.
    10. Kill - You'll be doing plenty of this. Remember to 'con' the mob to get an idea whether you might win the fight or not!
    11. Flee - Some fights you just won't win. Don't stay and die. Flee! You might not succeed at first, but try again.
    12. Wimpy - Sets a hit point level that once below you will automatically flee from fights. This is a life saver.
    13. Say - Speaks to anyone in the room with you.
    14. OOC - Out-of-Character channel. Great for asking questions. Talk about anything appropriate for the whole MUD to see and join in on.
    15. CHAT - Global Roleplay channel. Be in character here!
    16. Follow - If someone is in level range, you can follow them and join or create a group. Groups share experience points and, hopefully, loot!
    17. Help - Every command is explained in a help file, some better than others, but most will do the job.
    18. Quit - Type 'quit' when you wish to stop playing. If you only disconnect, your player will stay in game...sometimes long enough to starve to death and die!
    19. There are so many more, but these should get you started.

  7. Explore, Ask For Help, Have Fun! Thank you for playing Arrant Destiny!


Choose from 15 playable races. Polymorph into nearly a hundred more!


We boast 17 classes, all with unique spells and skills.

How to Play

We will help you get connected and learn the basic commands.